Thursday, November 8, 2018

Veterans Day

I spent 6 ½ years in the US Navy and on Veterans Day, I usually reflect back on that time. Sometimes I even pull out a few pictures (I posted one from boot camp). It was some time ago that I served, 1987 – 1994.
Although it was not my job when I joined, I learned a lot about computers while in the Navy. At my 2nd command, our base went from 2 computers to over 200. There was a slight panic and a group was thrown together to manage this influx of computers. Me and 3 guys formed this new “IT Department.” We taught ourselves how to set them up, install software, train the end-user, and troubleshoot both hardware and software issues.
I learned DOS, Dbase, Harvard Graphics, Quattro Pro, an application suite I think called Enable, and lots of other software I can’t even remember now. I set up a BBS (Bulletin Board System) for our base and conducted risk assessments.
Remember when the mouse pointer used to be square?

It is amazing how far things have come. 

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