Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Microsoft Word - Using the Ruler to Indent Paragraphs

The easiest and most direct way to change the indents of paragraphs is by dragging the indent markers on the ruler.

First Line Indent
1. Select the paragraph or paragraphs to be formatted.
2. Drag the first line indent marker to the right to change the indent of only the first line.

Hanging Indent
With a hanging indent, the second and all the following lines of a paragraph are indented more than the first.
1. Select the text where you want to add a hanging indent.
2. Drag the hanging indent marker to the right. It’s the lower triangle on the ruler.

Note: If the ruler is not visible, click View and then select the Ruler check box to show rulers.

This works on all versions of Word. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

####### Excel Error?

What does it mean when you see the number symbol in a cell? 

The column is not wide enough to display the content.

How to fix it? 

Normally, just increase column width, but you can shrink contents to fit the column, or apply a different number format.