CT Notes

Random Notes
  • I used a SPOT for tracking. I think it interfered with my Garmin.
  • Lake City Sweets has a section in the corner of the store where you can make your own trail mix. Lots of nuts, dried foods, etc...

Silverton - San Juan Backcountry provided shuttle service to Molas Pass
Purgatory  - Hermosa Tours provided shuttle service to Hotel Draw (We were able to make reservations at 7:30pm for the next morning at 6am. Not sure if this is standard, but I will forever recommend this place.)

  • Specialized Fate - carbon hardtail, 29er
  • I used a small triangle bag and a feed bag. The feed bag was for all my food for the day
  • Small top tube bag which contained first aid stuff
What I packed
Since we were staying at a motel each evening, I did not need to pack more than a day's worth of food and no camping equipment.

  • 1 pair of extra cycling shorts
  • Shredly mountian bike shorts (for the trail and also for walking around in)
  • 1 pair of extra wool socks
  • 1 shirt to sleep/walk around in
  • 1 pair of panties
  • a very flat pair of shoes
  • An extra bra
  • Arm warmers/leg warmers
  • Rain jacket
  • Gloves - 1 thin wool pair, 1 water resistant pair (turns out not really)
  • Bondi Band headband (it covers my ears for warmth and keeps the sweat out of my eyes)
  • 1 thin long sleeve wool shirt (Golite). Large neck opening so I could easily take off over my helmet. 
  • 1 Ice Breaker wool jersey that I wore everyday. It washed and dried well every evening. 
Toiletry Items
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • sunscreen
  • face lotion (I put a small amount in a contact case)
  • razor 
  • fingernail clippers and file 
  • tweezers
  • small piece of natural mineral salt for deodorant. 
I have Kerataconus - I have to wear contacts to see. Glasses can't correct my vision. So I packed 2 weeks worth of contact solutions.  This actually took up more room than my toiletry items. 

What I carried on the bike
  • light (we didn't plan to be out after dark, but you never know).
  • spare tube
  • small pump
  • arm warmers/leg warmers (for easy access)
  • Sunscreen (I wanted it close and handy)
  • CT trail data book
  • Emergency blanket
  • small zip lock bag with bug wipes, Butt Butter, and mortin
  • lube
  • camel bak rain cover
  • small knife
Regular mtb shoes will work fine. I read in a blog that one guy used hiking boots because of all the hike-a-bike. We meet a guy in Lake City who was wearing Lake mtb shoes. He said they were brand new when he started - almost all the thread was missing. 

I had purchased a new shoe from Specialized, the Rime. It turned out to be an awesome shoe. No blisters, no heel slippage, sturdy without being heavy, and a grippy thread. Specialized gives it a "7" stiff sole (stiffness index 1-11). I was very pleased with this purchase. 

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